I wasted time selling my property on my own and with another agency. We Invest is serious, talented, professional, an up-to-date agency that uses the latest technological innovations to showcase your property.

Increasing the attractiveness of your property? 
Our main objective.

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The appraisal, the development, the sale, the visits and the administrative tasks are determining steps, the goal being to maximize the selling price of your property. The best way to achieve this is to use a certified real estate agent, trained and surrounded by experts in marketing, new technologies, law, etc. There is therefore generally a significant difference between the sale value obtained by a We Invest real estate professional and someone doing it by themself.

A human approach

A technological approach

Marketing experts

A local expertise

Certified agents

We have decided to form a team with diverse skills that will surround your real estate advisor so that he can devote himself fully to his job and offer you an irreproachable real estate experience according to 5 different approaches.

Selling with We Invest, 
It’s surrounding yourself with experts.

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Selling your property on your own?
We don’t recommend it.

Your property is unique.
Sell it under the best conditions. 


Professional photoshoot

Personalized property brochure


Video presentation

Social Media

Real estate platforms

And many other things…

Is it the right time to sell during a crisis?

Real estate has the chance to meet a primary need: housing. Buyers have postponed their project for a few months but the demand is still there! Experts believe that prices should hardly be impacted, low rates are evening pushing people to buy.

I don’t agree with the pricing determined by the agent, what can I do?

Do you want to sell at a higher price? We never refuse to try! But for a sale above the market price, you need to adopt a relatively different strategy. We can of course advise you if this should happen.

What happens if you can’t sell my property?

Our agents are commissioned on the sale. No sale means no agency fee. You will not have to pay any fees. This assures you that your real estate agent is truly your ally and will do everything in his power to bring the sale to a successful conclusion.

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