My neighbor was selling his house, I was hesitating to sell mine. I, therefore, decided to ask We Invest to evaluate the value of my property, A real estate agent came by and did it for free. He even handed me a complete evaluation report with the different key advantages of my house and different sales strategies. He even gave me some tips to increase the selling price. What more can you ask?

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Online estimators are not yet powerful enough to offer an accurate selling price . They offer a good starting point but should not replace it by a professional appraisal. And when you know how important setting the right price is to the sale, it is essential to start with a precise valuation. This is why, at We Invest, we will appraise your property directly at your home, free of charge.

The evaluation directly at your home?
The best choice to make. 

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An appraisal with a real estate agent, a human expertise.

The evaluation of your property. A decisive step, carried out free of charge.

Why not value my property with a tool online?

An online estimate is based on asking prices and not sales prices, so the results are distorted. It also does not take into account external factors such as the neighbourhood and all elements of convenience.

Why can’t I value my property by myself?

It is often very complicated to detach oneself from subjective and sentimental criteria when appraising your own property. These criteria usually result in a price that is much too high in relation to the market.

What about health and preventive measures?

We Invest has implemented strict health measures for all evaluations. Our agents will be equipped with masks and gloves and will strictly adhere to the social distancing measures established by the government.

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This appraisal is free and doesn't require 
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The appraisal is a decisive step for any real estate project. It is crucial that this valuation is objective and carried out by a certified and trained professional. At We Invest, we are committed to providing quality valuations based on objective criteria and a complete report. We have decided to offer this service free of charge and without any commitments necessary. Why? Because we want to rethink real estate. Professional, human and respectful, in a word: new. 

  Objective                      Realistic                       Precise

An appraisal with We Invest?
It only takes 3 steps.

1. We schedule a meeting 

2. We will come to your home

3. You receive a complete and personalised valuation report

A We Invest advisor in your region will contact you to make an appointment according to your availability. 

Your certified agent comes to your home to estimate the price of your property on the basis of objective criteria, current trends and the evolution of the market.

You will then receive a free, complete and detailed report on your home and its estimated value.

A free and tailored 
valuation report.

Our mission, to accompany you as best we can. We have therefore created this report to help you understand the appraisal made by your agent.
This report includes

   Complete description of the property 

   Elements of appreciation and convenience

   The advantages of your property

   Estimated value of your property

One of our agents will contact you right away.

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